Caryl Community Center Project Committee Mission Statement

To produce in anticipation of a town meeting in 2019, facility options for town voters to choose whether to fully renovate and continue to provide community programs at Caryl or to build a new community center facility for that purpose.

Project Guide

A town wide space assessment/needs analysis will provide the basis for analysis and options development. All options will be fully costed and include 20 year maintenance projections. Every effort must be made to ground the work by consistently comparing facility functions being considered for inclusion, space requirements, programs to be offered and community members served with like communities’ recent efforts. 

The Committee( s) should:

  1. Leverage past committees’ work regarding fully renovating Caryl and to understand the full range of options and voter opinions captured in the past.
  2. Obtain current space usage/allocation, program offerings and Town Department usage.
  3. Leverage the work done/being done by towns who have recently completed building new community center facilities or are currently actively engaged in the process.
  4. Leverage the experiences of those engaged in 3 above for best practices, lessons learned and errors to avoid.
  5. The committee will consider a tiered range of choices (with costs) such as:
    1. Basic - Appropriate space for the programs and services and other amenities that most demographically like-sized town community centers offer.
    2. Mid-tier - Provides additional space to accommodate community requests for programs, services and amenities above the Basic level.
    3. High end - Provides additional space for amenities offered by a few towns and/or are viewed as important to Dover residents.
  6. Considerable effort must be expended to inform and engage town residents to obtain feedback and build town wide consensus.
  7. The Committee will be responsible for maintaining appropriate project documentation with particular focus on monetary expenditures to ensure compliance with Article 15 as amended at Town Meeting, May 7, 2018. Appropriated funds cannot be used for the design of a new facility.