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Water Alerts & Updates

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Colonial Water asks residents to refrain from non-essential water use until 9/14/21

Colonial Water Company is moving forward with redevelopment of their largest producing well at the Francis Street location, in an effort to address the discoloration issues. While the well is offline they are asking for the cooperation and assistance of all customers to keep demands on the system to a minimum.  Please refrain from any outdoor irrigation or non-essential water use until Tuesday 9/14/21. 

      For more information please go to CWC's website. 


Colonial Water Company updates progress on 07/30/2021 Corrective Action Plan

The following items have been completed, or are currently underway as of 9/3/2021:

  • The Wells A, B and C at the Francis Street site have been inspected and evaluated for corrective measures.
  • Well C has been redeveloped.  Redevelopment is a process where the well screen and the gravel layer surrounding it are cleaned, and pressurized water is forced through the gravel to remove sediment, to help improve the performance of the well.
  • Well B is currently being redeveloped.
  • Well A will be redeveloped in the next few weeks.
  • A third-party consultant has been retained to study the system, and recommendations on actions and/or methods to alleviate the water discoloration will be submitted to the MassDEP on 9/10/2021.
  • The third-party consultant will also be performing a larger scale study on the system, and their findings and recommendations will be provided in Mid-October.

    For more information please go to CWC's website. 


Residents affected by discolored water to receive weekly reimbursements by CWC

drop of water rippling on water surface

Dover residents affected by the discolored water will be able to receive a reimbursement for water purchases made after June 19th, 2021. The reimbursement is not to exceed $20 of any water purchases per week effective as of June 19th, 2021. Customer submitting a reimbursement request for the weekly purchases greater than $20 will be reimbursed up to and not to exceed $20. A valid receipt showing the date of purchase will be required along with the completed reimbursement form to receive the reimbursement for water purchases. To download the reimbursement form, please go to CWC's website.