Caryl Park

Caryl Park was donated to the Town of Dover by George E. Chickering in 1917. It is an 83 acre parcel of land that is designated to Dover residents as a Public Park forever, and to be used for Recreational use. Caryl Park borders Noanet Woodlands, which is owned by the Trustees of Reservations. Today, people of all ages can be found enjoying the land at Caryl Park in many different ways. Whether families are there for sporting events, to play in the playground, play a round of tennis, shoot some hoops, or just go for a nice walk, there is something everyone can enjoy.

Facilities located at Caryl Park include the following:

  • Tot Lot
  • Tennis Courts: The Tennis Courts cannot be reserved for individuals in advance. Lessons, Summer Camp, tournaments and League games are given priority. These events and court rules will be posted on a board by the courts.
  • Basketball Court
  • Playing Fields – C1, C2, C3
  • Soccer Fields
  • Girls Lacrosse Field
  • Walking Trails
  • Caryl House

“Carry-In, Carry-Out” Trash Policy

The Parks & Recreation Commission has a new policy now in effect at Caryl Park and Chickering Playfields – a Carry-In Carry-Out trash policy. The new policy was suggested by the Dover Recycling Committee after several seasons of over-flowing trash bins. Several other towns have similar policies in place and have seen positive results. The goal of the new policy is to eliminate litter and improve disposal of trash, and also help teach players and parents to be responsible for their waste. Signage will be posted at both parks in multiple locations.

No Dogs Allowed

For health and safety reasons, dogs are not allowed (on leash or off leash) at Chickering Playfields or Caryl Park.

Tot Lot:

Tennis Courts:

Basketball Court:

C1 Field & Caryl House:

C2 Field “Bug Field”:

C3 Field:

Soccer & Girls Lacrosse Field:

Caryl Park Safety Improvements:

In 2008 and 2009 the Dover Parks & Recreation Commission approved some minor work to be done at Caryl Park to improve safety of its users. In 2008 the Park crew cut back the hill that was infringing upon visability to users exiting the park. Once that was completed the driveway was relocated to directly across from Park Avenue, with the approval of the Town Engineer. To further improve safety the Dover Police Department, Highway Department, and Town Engineer are planning on installing two new crosswalks; one crosswalk across from the Tennis courts, and the other at the new location of the driveway.

Another improvement that was made to Dover’s Parks includes the addition of Defibrillators at the Playing Fields. Due to the recent influx of chest injuries in youth sports across the country, Dover Parks & Recreation held a campaign in 2008 to raise money to place Defibrillators at all of the playing fields in Dover. With the help of many generous donations from Dover residents a Defibrillator will be placed in a protected container on the back of the Chickering baseball field, The C1 baseball field, and at the new Park Shed at Caryl Park every year. There were also two other Defibrillators purchased that have been placed inside Chickering School and the Caryl School. Free training courses for Soccer, Lacrosse, and Baseball/Softball coaches were held during the winter of 2008 to ensure those coaching on the fields were certified to use the Defibrillators. Training courses will be offered each winter in years going forward for a minimal fee. These devices will be present on the fields in the Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Over the past few years new sports such as Boys & Girls Lacrosse have increased in numbers dramatically which has placed more pressure on playing fields at Caryl Park and Chickering Playfields. Eventually Caryl Park’s playing fields will need to be re-configured to respond to the demand for more practice time and game space for all Town sports. Before any major changes are made information would be made available.

Site Lines Improved:

New Driveway:

New Park Shed for equipment: